Why Kiev

Today modern Kiev is one of the largest cities in Europe, political and economic center of Ukraine. All major government bodies, Administration of the President, all Ministries, the Supreme Council of Ukraine, various foreign embassies and consulates, foreign representative offices, head offices of the international non-governmental organizations and associations and multinational institutions are all located here in a bustling city of 4 million people.

Kiev is not only the business activity center for Ukrainian enterprises, it is also the place where a lot of international events, conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs, shows and sport events are held. And if you are looking for new business partners, investors, and customers for your products, you have a number of organizations to approach.

Europe's largest country by area, Ukraine combines the advantages of the longest border with the EU, some of the richest agricultural lands in the world, large and growing domestic market, as well as skilled workforce with labour rates of one tenth of the European average. The location of the counrty on the crossroad of trade routes from Europe to Asia as well as from Scandinavia to South lands provides the access to 100-million consumer markets of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries.Many western companies have already established or intend to make business contacts, so let the others know about you, your ideas and plans.

  • top location in Ukranie: easy to reach from any place (Kiev International Airport: 307 destinations in 109 countries, Kiev Central Station: 342 long-distance trains daily, key motorway connection with West Europe/Russia)
  • dynamically developing market and attractive investment oportunities
  • highly educated and skilled labour force that easily adapts to market requirements
  • Extra benefit: excellent hotels, great eating scene and all major attractions of the city in close vicinity

Kiev has a developed transport system. There are Borispol InternationalAirport (which has been recently reconstructed to increase passenger flow) and Zhulyany airport, freight airports, railway stations, 9 highways, a river port and a subway in te capital.

A network of rental office premises is also available on a turnkey basis. This rental service of equipped, mobile offices with a secretary, and assignedlegal and mail address is really useful if you do not spend all time in Ukraine or often leave for business trips.

There are also 150 hotels in Kiev, including five-star ones, which gives you great options for accommodation especially in the central area of the capital allowing to explore numerous attraction downtown.