Hall 5.2

About venue

Hall 5.2, with over 250 seats and state-of-the-art communications technology, is ideally suited for all types of gathering. It can be used alone or in combination with the adjacent room for private meetings or with our spacious Ring Hall 5.1 ideal for supporting exhibitions and presentations.

If you are holding an event with international representatives, our interpreters' booth will be very handy. An adjoining room with tables, sofas and armchairs can be used for any private meetings, preparations for speeches or event banquets.

Key Features

  • 265 m2 hall space
  • seating capacity:
    • theatre style - 250
    • classroom style - 80
  • conference equipment
  • mobile sound system
  • internet access, W-LAN/Wi-Fi

The hall does not have any windows which makes it an ideal place for any kind presentations and seminars where it is necessary to have a dim room for better quality of visual materials.

Catering facilities ranging from snacks during coffee breaks to banquets can be provided in the hall itself, adjoining room or in the lobby. Ring Hall 5.1 is often used for supporting exhibitions, presentations, or information counters as well as fourchettes.