YAPC::Europe 2013

YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine was the 14th edition of the largest European Perl event. The conference was dedicated to the Perl programming language and its community.

The conference also attracted attendees who were interested in agile development methods, testing, project management, user interface design, text processing, creating compilers, and those who were following modern trends of computer languages.

This year the main conference days with talks took place on 12–14 August in Ukranian House, Kreschatik 2.

For a few years the YAPC::Europe conference includes three main days of talks and the days before and after the conference with additional activities. The main part of the conference started at 10:00 every day and continued until the evening. During the day the catering partner served two coffee breaks and a lunch.

There were 330 attendees from 30 countries, including 54 speakers with 62 talks.

The conference was also attended by the Perl programming language author Larry Wall. Each day was ended by the session of Lightning talks.


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