Charitable Project “Wreath of Peace and Kindness”

ICC Kiev will host gala concert of children’s creativity contest “Ukrainian girl” on the 14th of November at 3pm.

In such a hard time for our country, it’s very important to understand who we are, to know our culture, to support those ones fighting for the future of our land, our children and us.

The project will include various master classes teaching the attendees how to make Ukrainian wreath in ethno style and “wreath of peace and kindness”. In the result, non-government youth organization “Magic Candle” will organize an exhibition and hold a fair to sell hand-made souvenirs. All the funds obtained at the event will be used to purchase winter clothes for daughters of the dead fighters who take part in the festival “Ukrainian girl”. The participating girls will use Ukrainian wreath made during the event in the course of the children’s creativity contest.

The project is aimed at spreading awareness about the most interesting and beautiful cultural aspects of our country, at teaching people to respect and know their history and ancestors, at popularizing spiritual and moral values developing individuals and most of all at brining understanding that Ukraine is one united state.

Charitable Project “Wreath of Peace and Kindness”


14 November 2014,

at 3pm