TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is all about renowned speakers, interesting topics and like-minded audience. On June 15 TEDx Conference «The Instinct of the Future» will take place in Kiev and share ideas worth spreading. Every attendee will have a chance to change the world for the best and to fulfil everything that he or she has dreamt of.

TEDx has reputable speakers ready to reveal their stories, ideas, theories and practices on interaction in a society, better quality of life and education, technologies and economic approaches that create the future.

  • -Yuriy Ivaschenko –physicist-astronomer who created the first private observatory in Ukraine;
  • - Maxim Prasolov – one of the creators of modern myths, author of a graphic novel «Daogopak»;
  • - Volodymyr Kolinko- cybernetician, developer of digital maps and landscape initiatives in the capital (Landscape Alley for Children);
  • -Oksana Stoyetska – co-founder of the studio «Inventor» that teaches children robototronics.

TED is an open platform for sharing ideas in various fields. It was first held in California in 1984 and since that time it was held worldwide. In Ukraine the first event called «What Ukraine Needs Today» took place on the 18th of October, 2009. And now everyone has a chance to visit TED conferences in Kiev annually. The price for tickers is 700 UAH (till June,8) and 900 UAH (till June, 15).

TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

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