Round Table on the topic "Active civil society is the success of the country's development"

"Ukrainian House" had a round table on the topic "Active civil society is the success of the country's development" on the 21st of October.

The initiators of the the round table were ICC Kiev and organization "International Open University 'Maidan'". The event was held under the auspices of the International Renaissance Foundation.

The main aim of the meeting was discussion and creation of the means of interaction between authorities and general public.

The resident advisor of the project TWINNING VE Piotr Kulpa shared the aspect of Poland's experience in solving similar issues.

"Polish people and Ukrainians are similar in a sense that for us the nation is primary and the government is secondary", underlined the speaker.

Representatives of various Ukrainian non-government organizations took active part in this event. They made the participants aware of the results of social activities from the dawn of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.

Namely, one participant of the organization "Maidan of Foreign Affairs" Bogdan Yaremenko pointed out: "We created an alternative environment that informed citizens, because the civil confrontations against criminality had to be taken to a new intellectual level".

In the same time, the Coordination Council Chief of "Maidan for honest elections" Yuriy Stelmaschuk emphasized the importance of a peaceful settlement of all possible conflicts: "Enough of destructions, it's time to unite and build".

At the end of discussion all the attendees ratified the formation of the working group on dealing with issues promoting the development of the country.

Round Table on the topic Active civil society is the success of the country's development


21 October 2014