Photo Exhibition

ICC Kiev invites all the lovers of photo art to a special exhibition of children and youth portrait “To Be Yourself”. This special event will go on from the 30th of May to the 2nd of June and will feature the works of a famous Kiev painter and photographer Arsen Fedosenko.

Arsen Fedosenko successfully carried out 6 projects in 2010-2012 that mostly showed children’s photos. In 2012 he organized a creative association “Family Photo Archives” that is aimed at keeping the history of modern families, promotion of respect to the past, traditions and family values in today’s society.

The author of the projects wants to share his impressions from work with children and young people that can really astonish and surprise adults with their thoughts, ideas and life views. Kids from the following educational institutions took part in the photo shooting: gymnasium #48, gymnasium “the Capital”, lyceums #100 and #77, kindergarten #67 and sports club “Budo”.

Photo Exhibition

Event Organiser

Photographer Arsen Fedosenko

Bank Khreschatyk

Contact person:

Arsen Fedosenko

Phone: +38 (044) 599 70 39

Phone: +38 (095) 695 65 02