International Knife Show “Steel Edge”

XI International Knife Show “Steel Edge” is held in “Ukrainian House” on November 9-10. For years this special holiday of beauty and grandeur of bladed weapons has been a major event in Ukraine for those ones interested in these kinds of things.

The main aim of the “Steel Edge” Show is mainly the development of knife culture and insight into world masterpieces of various craftsmen both contemporary and old ones. You can admire the cold beauty of items made by skilled experts from Ukraine, CIS countries and from all over the world and also learn about the world tendencies.

Success of Knife Show “Steel Edge” grows every year which is due to a great and diverse entertainment program that features ways of using bladed weapons from martial arts to culinary and hairdresser’s sphere.

The program of the event features master classes, seminars, bright performances, contests and lectures. Traditionally “City of Craftsmen” will be opened as part of the show. There you can see the work of professionals such as knife makers, blacksmiths and potters and try to do something on your own.

Attendees of XI International Knife Show “Steel Edge” will see knight matches and shooting tournaments including shooting from traditional, historic and compound bows. Besides that, visitors will get a chance to take part in numerous contests and receive prizes from the organizers.

More detailed information XI International Knife Show “Steel Edge” is available on the following web site:

International Knife Show “Steel Edge”

Schedule of work:

November 9 - 10, 2013