International Conference "The development, standardization and implementation of tactical medicine in Ukraine"

On 19 January 2015 in the Ukrainian House started an international conference "Development, standardization and implementation of tactical medicine in Ukraine."
The conference is a humanitarian initiation of the World Congress of Ukrainians "Protection patriots" and SE "Ukrainian House". Initiation "Protecting the Patriot" sconducts briefings with tactical medicine in the form of courses fighter-rescuer in the United States and NATO. Since May rate was done with 11 200 Ukrainian militars and soldiers of volunteer battalions, distributed 8,300 kits manned by NATivskymy standards.
The conference will be held in the format of lectures and panel training of Ukrainian and international experts. Offered to cooperate Ministry of Defence, the Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Interior, the National Guard, the State Border Service, volunteer battalions and others. The conference will be attended by doctors Forces of Ukraine, volunteer battalions, volunteer organizations, representatives of military universities, military attachés, specialists in tactical medicine in the United States and representatives of the NATO countries.
The main directions of the conference:
  • Assessment of the current state of tactical medicine in Ukraine.
  • Familiarization with international experience and current trends in tactical medicine.
  • The mechanism of implementation of international experience of tactical medicine in Ukraine.
  • Exhibition of Ukrainian and foreign goods of tactical medicine, open to all comers.


Conference languages - Ukrainian, English and Russian.