International Conference PHP Frameworks Day

International PHP Conference is a globally recognized event for PHP developers, webworkers, IT managers and everyone interested in web technology. The Conference will explore key topics and core technologies in IT sphere and provide a wide range of information for everyone interested in the technology.

International Conference PHP Frameworks Day brings together developers, IT managers and PHP experts from all CIS countries. With the focus on PHP this highly acclaimed conference will expand specialists’ skills and explore new technologies.

Various thematic events connected to frameworks are also held under the same brand “Framework Days”. Such events can be dedicated to a certain programming language, platforms or a particular framework.

The Conference gives unique opportunities to study from a wide variety of technical sessions, hear presentations from the most advanced and talented developers in order to quickly learn functional frameworks to maximize their effective usage in projects. All attendees and IT specialists have a great chance to find new contacts and learn a lot of new things.

Take advantage of International Conference PHP Frameworks Day and become a part of a special learning experience. Those ones who would like to take part in the conference need to register on the website of PHP Frameworks Day.

Международная конференция PHP Frameworks Day

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