HAPPY MOTHERHOOD - charity festival

On 16 and 17 of May from 10.00 to 19.00 in the art gallery of the Ukrainian House will host a charity festival "Happy Motherhood."
The mission of the festival -is to help mothers with the knowledge and skills to improve the quality of everyday life with the children.
The purpose of the festival - to draw public attention to the needs of families with children of immigrants from the territory of ATO in the charity rehabilitation project “Revival” vozrozhdenie.com.ua of Devadasee Center.
The proceeds will be spent on the creation of a psychological rehabilitation center for the displaced families.
Rehabilitation Charity Project "REVIVAL" created for displaced families to provide medical and psychological support on the basis of the project for the development and support of the Feminine www.devadasee.com.ua graduates of School Coaches Feminine.
Themes of the festival:
- The vocation of motherhood;
- Femininity, self-realization;
- Child psychology;
- principles of positive parenting;
- Time management for mothers;
- Family relationships.
At the festival you will find: useful and interesting workshops, performances, exchange of experience and knowledge, a fresh stream of inspiration, creative discoveries, the subtleties of women, parental skills, insights, and insights!
The cost of a ticket for two days - 300 UAH.