Football Club “Dynamo Kyiv” is helping to renovate “Ukrainian House”

Football Club “Dynamo Kyiv” is helping to renovate “Ukrainian House”. This reconstruction promotes effective working process not only for ICC Kiev, but also for journalist community of Kiev and Ukraine in general.

This benevolent act of “Dynamo Kyiv” is not the first for the management of the club. It is aimed at maintaining cultural centers of the capital and carried out at the initiative of Igor Mykhailovych Surkis who also regularly helps the soldiers in ATO areas.

“We are truly thankful to our partners for the help. “Ukrainian House” is not just an institution, but a true nation’s union center. That is the reason why our common goal is its fastest renovation after the Revolution of Dignity so that guests of ICC Kiev could always feel friendly and welcoming atmosphere” – these are the words of Director of “Ukrainian House” Yuriy Stelmaschuk, who addressed the head of Football Club “Dynamo Kyiv”, Igor Mykhailovych Surkis. He provided funds for renewing the windows of the press center. Yuriy Stelmaschuk handed “Gratitude letter for the support in the enterprise’s renovation” and invited young Dynamo footballers to take part in the celebration of New Year in “Ukrainian House”.

Both Igor Surkis and Yuriy Stelmaschuk are sure that it’s the first step towards long and friendly relations between the two organizations caring for the future of Ukraine.

Football Club “Dynamo Kyiv” is helping to renovate “Ukrainian House”


1 December 2014