Exhibition “Resistance to Genocide”

“Ukrainian House” is hosting the Exhibition “Resistance to Genocide” on November, 20. Visit this special event and see unique documents and photos some of which are shown for the first time.

In 1932 56% of rebellions in the USSR happened in Ukraine. Ukrainian peasants revolted against the government’s aggression, taking away of food, and injustice. Such facts that are usually unknown to public will be presented at the exhibition.

Exhibition “Resistance to Genocide” will dispel the myth as to the absence of Ukrainian resistance to Bolshevik robbers during Holodomor. 17 unique stands with photos and documents (some of them are published for the first time) will show the scale and the methods of fighting.

The visitors will see that Ukrainian nation didn’t behave humble and tried to protest against the outrage of authorities. This resistance faded only with the absence of bread and starvation.

Many documents that no more have the secrecy label prove the facts of fighting, resistance and revolts, both armed and by sabotage. Diaries and documents of that time illustrate quelling resistance by authorities.

Organizers of the event: Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, Archive of National Security of Ukraine, Research Center of Liberation Movement, Public Committee on Honoring Victims of Holodomor – Genocide of 1932-33 in Ukraine.

The exhibition will feature materials given by State Archive of National Security of Ukraine, other state archives and documents of Research Center of Liberation Movement.

The following people worked on the exhibition: Volodymyr Tylyschak (the head of the project), Vladimir Birchak, Vyacheslav Vasylenko, Volodymyr Vyatrovych, Sergiy Gorobets, Volodymyr Ivanchenko, Nina Lapchynska, Oleksandr Shtokvysh, Bogdan Patrylyak (scientific consultant).

Exhibition “Resistance to Genocide”


20 November 2014,

from 2 pm till 6 pm;

21-22 November 2014 року,

from 10 am till 6 pm

Admittance in free