Day of Dignity and Freedom in “Ukrainian House”

ICC Kiev will host an event dedicated to the Day of Dignity and Freedom on the 21st of November.

In the evening on the 21 of November Ukrainians came to Independence Square (also commonly known as Maidan) to express their dissatisfactions with the former President’s decision about the delay in signing the long-awaited association agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

Disregard of the citizens’ demands and cruel attempts to disperse protesters turned into months-long public outcry and protests in all the regions of Ukraine and especially in the capital of the country, Kyiv.

The fight for freedom cost too much for the people. Hundreds were shot, beaten up and tortured right in the center of Kyiv. All the country mourned for the heroes… In the result the former head of the country and some other officials had to flee, and the government was changed.

People who gave their lives for the victory will never be forgotten and the anniversary of this event will be the time to remember them.

The event will consist of various parts:

- Exposition dedicated to the events on Maidan. (from 11 am till 12 am.)

- Opening of the photo expo “The Road to Freedom” at 12 pm.

- Presentation of Maidan mail at 5pm. Moreover all the attendees will have a chance to paint revolutionary helmets by themselves or with the help of artists.

- Presentation of the project “Requiem-Book ‘Heaven’s Hundred’” at 7:10pm

- “Literary Stage” will be open from 7:30 am till 9:30 pm, the visitors will hear poetry about freedom and dignity. Namely, Nadezhda Korniychuk will recite the poems from her collection “Heaven’s Hundred”, the children’s theater “Yurashki” will also read out loud some of the poems devoted to the heaven’s hundred.

- The Union of Filmmakers “Babylon 13” will show several documentary films dedicated to the events on Maidan.

Day of Dignity and Freedom in “Ukrainian House”


21 November 2014