Charitable Event of the Fund “Heart of the Peace”

On the 22nd of October “Ukrainian House” will host a charitable event of the Fund “Heart of the Peace” under the auspices of ICC Kiev and International Diplomatic Council of Ukraine. This special event is organized by the State Art School named after T.G.Shevchenko. These children constantly support the fighters in ATO zone with their drawings that are protective amulets for the soldiers.

The program will start at 6 pm and include the following:

- Children of the State Art School named after T.G.Shevchenko will present their drawings, paintings and souvenirs that were done by them in order to help the children that lost their parents. Little Ukrainian citizens will hold a master class on “Ukrainian symbols” and demonstrate the photos of their works at the place of military events. These special presents truly support the fighting spirit of the fighters in ATO zone.

- Presentation of the peace-making international project “Heart of the Peace” will include a special project and showcase a painting “Heart of the Peace” performed in Bethlehem. Artists from all over the world were working on it for the whole week. The picture calls people to unite their efforts regardless of their faith in order to preserve safety and peace in the world.

- Various artists will take part in the Charitable Art Exhibition: Nickolas Znoba (sculture), Yuriy Vakulenko, Jamal Badvan, Darya Marchenko, Anastasiya Kraineva, Aleksey Ivanuk, Natalya Korf, Valeriya Tarasenko, Natali Nasibulina, Natalya Bogachkova (ceramics), Yanina Shevchenko and Uljana Balan.

- Runway show of Ukrainian clothes with Ukrainian motives from “Fashion Globus Ukraine” under the direction of Golda Vinogradskaya

- Musical program from specialized musical school named after N.V.Lysenko.

Diplomatic representatives of foreign states agreed to support this charitable event that is aimed at helping the families that lost someone during ATO.

Charitable Event of the Fund Heart of the Peace


22 October 2014 at 18:00