All Ukrainian Quality Competition "100 Best Products of Ukraine"

ICC Kiev hosts National Exhibition "100 Best Products of Ukraine". The gala opening of the event will take place on the 1st of November at 10am. The Exhibition will last for two days.

All Ukrainian Quality Competition "100 Best Products of Ukraine" was initiated in 2003 to attract attention of Ukrainian society to the importance of quality of goods and services. The contest is held under the auspices of the President of Ukraine and the government of the country with the assistance of the Council of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kiev and Sevastopol city state administrations.

The competition is held in 25 regions of Ukraine in such cities as Kiev, Sevastopol and Krivoy Rog. It is done in three stages. This event is an economic and social project in the sphere of production and promotion of high-quality goods and services at the market. Today this is the only state competition aimed at increasing competitiveness of the domestic products and implementation of modern technologies into management systems.

In 2013 there were 246 enterprises that took part in all Ukrainian stage of the competition. The companies representing different industries of the country participated in the contest with 272 kinds of products.

The categories were as follows:

  • - Food products- 117 kinds;
  • - Manufactures goods- 51 kinds;
  • - Technical goods- 56 kinds;
  • - Popular craftwork items – 3 kinds;
  • - Works and services- 45 kinds.

128 small enterprises, 59 middle-sized enterprises and 59 large enterprises took part in final stage of the competition. The finalists of All Ukrainian Quality Competition "100 Best Products of Ukraine" will be awarded during this special event in ICC Kiev.

All Ukrainian Quality Competition 100 Best Products of Ukraine

Working hours:

November 1-2, 2013