ICC Kiev. The most successful exhibition, conference and events center in Ukraine

ICC Kiev, the international exhibition and convention center, is the host venue for a variety of events from award-winning exhibitions, conferences, international association meetings, product launches to banquets, fashion shows, sporting events and great days out.

ICC Kiev is the largest convention center in Ukraine situated right in the heart of the vibrant and modern capital. It is the perfect venue to host a variety of events from award-winning exhibitions and conferences to international association meetings, product launches, banquets, award ceremonies, sporting events and what not. With
17 550 sq.m. in exhibit space ICC Kiev can fit your any needs whether large or small.

When it comes to the organization of your event, you can always rely on us. Since the opening in 1964, ICC Kiev has welcomed over 10 million visitors from over 200 countries and can host up to 67,000 visitors a day. From rolling out the red carpet to high-profile events and private meetings, we have got a large inventory of spaces allowing you the flexibility to schedule your event when you need it and the way you see it.

With many years of experience in organization of any possible national and international event, we are sure we can meet your demands. There is no other place in Ukraine like ICC Kiev. Our clients are always pleased with our professional approach towards organization of any kind of event from small intimate meetings to receptions and conferences with foreign dignitaries. Making your business flourish is ICC Kiev’s job, and we are here to assist.

When it comes to the organization of your event, you can always rely on us. Our vast professional experience will ensure the successful realization of your concepts and desires. Take a look at our success stories and see how we implement your ideas into life. The magic behind every outstanding conference, exceptional exhibition, great meeting or fortunate negotiations is always found in the smallest details and careful professional planning. We are the top players in our business and we are here to help you succeed in everything you do.

  • ICC Kiev produces more than 100 trade fairs and conferences annually with 35,000 exhibiting companies, 3.5 million visitors, and 15,000 journalists from 100 countries.
  • The modern and highly flexible building will host up to 3,500 participants.
  • 8,550 sq ft of multipurpose flat floor event space - up to 8,750 attendees.
  • ICC Kiev has 7 conference rooms (meeting rooms) with seating capacity of 20-200 attendees.
  • 5 large fully-flexible exhibition halls for up to 5,000 delegates.
  • ICC Kiev is the host venue for the Kiev summit on safe and innovative use of nuclear energy.
  • - National Charitable Easter Fair
  • - National Exhibition "Ukrainian Souvenir"
  • - Annual Exhibition Forum "Affordable Housing"
  • - Book Trade Fair for the Knoweledge Day
  • - Christmas Trees inspired by fairytales of different nations
  • - Exhibition Forum "Sport and Sport Industry of Ukraine"